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Monetizing YouTube Videos like its 2015 is incredibly easy and we've been earning over $250 a day without breaking a sweat by using VideoNova. The best thing about it is, we're going to reveal what we did to let you know just what we did with our videos that you can replicate it yourself.

Dear fellow business owner,

What if every single time you had a visitor land on your site, watch the video and leave the page afterwards?


What if it’s even worse than that?? The visitor leaves without taking action at all..? Resulting in ZERO Sales, ZERO Subscribes and ZERO Prospects taking action.

Sound familiar?

What if your videos are working perfectly well, but are not giving precise call to actions before the video, during the video and even after the video?

You got it! – You're leaving money on the table! And LOTS of it! We understand that you're probably in this situation right this second! It's frustrating right?

I can probably place a sure bet that at some point you've sat there scratching your head.. Wondering “How the heck do they do it?”

Family and friends are also sat there wondering why you're spending so much time on your computer, closed away from the world like a hermit, only coming out of your office to grab a cup of coffee! People asking you “Why are you wasting your time!!

Nope! We're not mind readers...

We just know that a MASSIVE percentage of marketers online, have the right tools to create a compelling video that looks great! - But sadly, that's all you have at the moment.

You need to make sure that your videos work well enough to get attention and that's 100% correct.. But it's not as simple as that.. In fact, it's far from it to be honest. You need to involve than just that one tiny aspect into great video marketing to ensure your prospects take action!

You need clear precise visuals and call to actions that get the attention of your future customer! You need to be interacting with your prospects and doing it in a manner that doesn't offend them when you do it.

We've found the problems you face... Probed them and more importantly we've bested them! We work on facts and figures, wait till you see the genuine marketing statistics below – It's Mind Blowing!

If your site isn’t optimized with video to convert visitors into paying customers you are simply ignoring the fact that 144% of visitors are more than likely to buy from a website with a video than those who saw a website without videos in it.

It's simply easy to monetize any website with videos and you're going to find out how.

Did You Know That An ENGAGING Video Increases Visitors’ Interaction by as Much as 248%?

We've created a video player that's literally going to change the way your Video marketing works In Every Niche You Can Imagine!

And the best bit?

It's all in one tool, that can be used to change your business in a matter of minutes and not weeks or months!

It has a whole host of amazing monetization and call to action features that will blow any other video player out of the water!

This tool seamlessly integrates into your WordPress Blog and HTML websites, from one easy to use WordPress Plugin WHICH ALSO works on Mobile and Tablets!

You NEED Video To Improve Conversions, You Need Clear, Definitive Calls To Action To Create Those Conversions.

Adding those will super-boost your chances of conversions.. You see, Video works ridiculously well when done properly! Here are the latest statistics that we have researched that proves videos jack up your sale sand profits:

  • Video in marketing has been shown to increase click-through rates by over 96%.
  • 72% percent believed that buyers were more likely to purchase or convert after viewing an email campaign that incorporated video.
  • 44% increase in online sales conversions by using videos to showcase their products.
  • Conversion rate increases averaging 30%, with a range from 12% to 115% if video is embedded on a sales page
  • Over 90% of CUSTOMERS surveyed found video useful in making purchase decisions

AND on our previous product launches…

Sales pages we used with a video produced 132% higher conversion rates than our sales pages with just a static image inside the content.

Why is it that increasing conversions seems to be easy for very few people – yet, most marketers find it impossible to do?

Many marketers fail to listen to their visitors, leads and customers. They only want a quick sale, but that's not what's important always..

Here’s the deal..

We’re going to show you exactly how to make more sales and discover the easiest way of quickly squeezing massive profits out of a single video on your website.

We have developed a radically different strategic approach of using videos to convert viewers into paying customers.

In short: You are about to learn how you can use this tool to make and add videos to your pages that “converts” better than anything else we know.

Because there’s one thing that’s true.

It’s Really Easy Make More Sales with Video If You Know How to Take Advantage of It

And That Is Exactly What This Latest Video Player is All About!

Introducing: VideoNova

Today, Imagine that you could obtain a seriously unfair advantage over the people who just use YouTube typically... Would that be worth-while paying attention to?

Of course! We know we have the answer to this because we’ve been using “VideoNova” ourselves as our main money-getting secret weapon for a while now.

VideoNova is a YouTube Video Player on Steroids! hosting genius “stealth” tactics to create a hook for your videos that's so powerful, your viewers won’t even know you are selling to them! It will engage them so amazingly well that they will have the urge to take action upon what you're sharing with them.

We have developed this systematic and strategic Wordpress plugin that automatically understands the customer before we engage them for the sale, subscribe (opt-in) or any other action we wish! It's mind-blowing.

The rest of the functionality can be deployed as if the videos in the website are automatically conditioning and transforming people as they watch, forcing the visitors to buy!

It builds rapport, gains trust and improves the value you provide…

You'll be able to sell more now than ever before.

15 Piping HOT Reasons Why You Are Going To Wish You Had VideoNova Sooner

Here’s exactly what you’re about to take advantage of when you get instant access to VideoNova. This will give you a clear idea of what to expect, and to help you understand how radically profitable this will be for your business and ventures.

1Understand What Your Viewers Want Using Surveys to Turn Them into Paying Customers

Knowing what your prospects and leads desire will build a strong rapport and also give you knowledge about what they want you to give them in the near future.

It’s a radical approach to provide massive value to people because with surveys you “really know what your offer should be”! You can directly plug into your prospects mind! You can't get any more effective then that!

VideoNova hosts a surveying system within it's comprehensive arsenal, imagine being able to get your prospects to fill in surveys AS and WHEN you desire? Imagine the potential of not having to guess what they want, but actually have them tell you!

So here's one example: You've given them a free video with some content, now the law of reciprocation which a human being feels, can happily fill out a short survey.. They feel like they now you better, feel the trust and feel the urge to give back!

You can use it for offline work too.. to find out problems with people? Say an electrican.. What issues do they face with the topic related to the video.. plumbing, fitness, fat loss.. the list is endless.

Surveying prospects should be one of your top priorities.. If you're not doing it, you should be!

2VideoNova Converts Viewers In To Paying Customers

It’s a counter-intuitive automation machine that attracts buyers into your offers like a powerful magnet…While it instantly repels those “freebie seekers”.

In this way, you will be able to filter out the people you don’t want to be your prospective customers and automatically magnetize the customers you “really want”.

3YouTube Mimic Feature: YouTube Adverts Work!

This is a super-sneaky “covert” strategy that gives value to the viewers on your website... All whilst it silently persuades them to become your customers.

This never before seen or used feature copies the way YouTube Video Ad's work. Right down to the look and feel of the adverts you can create for them!

That's right, we've found a way for you to host your VERY own adverts inside your blogs/sites without having to pay YouTube yet they look the same.

Have you noticed how you're so used to seeing YouTube adverts that they do not offend you like the rest of the adverts out there?

FACT: Did you know that over ONE BILLION people visit YouTube every month? That's an overwhelming number of people being conditioned to interact with YouTube video adverts...

Now here's another fact.. There's over ONE MILLION YouTube video Advertisers using the video ad feature!

Imagine your very own site being able to host video adverts that run before your main video plays, just like YouTube do! Except this time they can be YOUR ads that play.

“CHECKMATE YouTube!” ;-)

4Create Traffic Generating and Lead Grabbing videos

hat 90% of people have a hard time doing is to generate traffic and get leads “EASILY”.

If you show them how to deliver game-changing materials and education via video, you’ll deepen their desires to need to know more about what you have to offer which sends traffic and leads to your sales funnels.

We have tools within this software to make this happen even more effectively!

5Sky Rocket The Opt-in Conversion Rates on Your Squeeze Pages.

Another vital element that any website should have is high opt-in rates! It really helps when you can easily drive more prospects to wherever you like from building an email subscribers list.

Not only this... The leads you've obtained have provided their information, they are already pre-sold with the value you've previously given to them using VideoNova helping to push them to take more action even after they opt-in to your subscribers list!.

6Explode The Conversion Rates within Your Sales Pages Using the Subscriber Grabber Feature!

Higher Conversion rates in your sales pages will seriously transform your business dramatically.. It's because you have managed to turn those visitors into buyers by having an effective call-to-action video.

This allows you to use the revolutionary approach of showing off your offers with an interactive call to action from WITHIN the video.. Rather than the outdated, old, redundant buy button at the bottom of your videos.

7Maximize The Traffic From Your Videos Going To Your Pages

Nothing grabs people’s attention faster than the need to know... Videos will encourage your viewers to ask… “What's going to happen next?”

This will give you a unique power to transform your website into a click-collecting powerhouse.!

This new-age technology allows just this!!!

8Generate Social Buzz with Facebook

One of the essential ways to generate traffic is to generate a good social buzz and the best space to generate one is Facebook. It gives you the strategy to fast-track your traffic, sales and profits by empowering your videos to be more viral than just the plain sharing or copy pasting of links – The social sharer is seriously interactive and effective at getting your content spread virally!

9Take Advantage Of Unique Approaches to Building Your List

Stand out from the others who just use the old fashion way of building a list... It’s because if still you do it the old way, you know... The way you've tried countless times and had little success?

Chances are you will still get the same results! This proven and tested approach of list-building will help you reach that big ass list that you’ve always dreamed of.

There's features within VideoNova that allow you to utilize your videos to it's MAXIMUM potential – You'll see in the demo just how effective VideoNova is!

10Create More Tension and Desire to any Promotion You Wish!

Cliffhangers increase conversions! Once you “plug this in”… expect to start having multiplied leads, sales and profits that you've been working so hard for. This strategy will allow you to continue profiting month after month…long after the launch period ends.

You can add different elements into VideoNova as different times.. Down to the precise second, meaning you can tempt even the toughest converting visitors into buyers, subscribers and action takers! - Different calls to action at different intervals can be a powerful way to grab customers!

Utilize this to it's full potential!!!

11Brand Your YouTube Video

Stamp your videos with your own unique brand to let your viewers and visitors know that “It is your business”! Not YouTube’s or anyone else’s!

By telling them it’s your brand, you’ll be able to show them that your business is legitimate, established and carries authority!

Those three things build serious amounts of trust! Do NOT Overlook this!

12Control Your Ads on Your Own YouTube Videos in Your Site

Take advantage of having engaging call-to-actions. There’s no other way of engaging someone online than a video.

By deepening their desire to want your product on a video you’ll be able to display the exact time when you want to ask them for the sale.

This will be the time when they are fully sold and have already been pre-sold to by using VideoNova's pre-selling technique.

13Optimized Clicks in a YouTube Video Banner

Imagine getting way more click-through's to your sales pages and checkout pages to generate more traffic and more money day after day.

It’s the easiest step to add massive sales and profits from a single video. Get more sales and become a more profitable business is what we aim to give you.

14Force Opt-ins and Clicks To Create A Money Making Machine!

You can set your videos to force users to take action. If they don’t take action, then they won’t get the next gift that they really wanted to have.

It’s a deadly persuasive machine that will help to make you more sales on a long-term basis.

15Mobile Responsive Video Players

Did you know that people who take advantage of the next big thing increase their profits far beyond the competition?

Why? - Mobile and video is the next big thing! VideoNova is built to look good and captivate users also in mobile and tablet devices like no other video players can do.

Why Use VideoNova Instead of Others?

Now there may be tons of players out there but here are more reasons why you should shift to VideoNova

  • Enjoy the benefits of a one time payment only without paying any server fees (because YouTube is Free)
  • It isn't flashed based that usually hangs up unlike plugins and webapps (HTML5 is mobile compatible)
  • You don't need to download and install it into your computer and upload it again (your time is important)
  • No need to waste your time setting up the plugin in a server and a lot of techie stuff (your money is important too)
  • Save more by not paying monthly fees on Amazon S3 and CDNs just to make your videos load faster
  • 10x speed than S3 stored videos because YouTube and Google servers are all over the world
  • Its not like a fly by night salesman who takes your money and stops updating the product anymore
  • YouTube is the Next Big Thing (because the "Mobile Video Era" is coming)

Who Can Take Advantage of VideoNova?

VideoNova is specially designed and developed to Increase Conversions of People Who Works Online and Even Offline!

Regardless if you are a...

  • Video Marketer
  • Local Business Owner
  • Internet Marketer
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Product Creator
  • Outsourcing Agency
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Even if you’re a complete internet newbie

It will definitely fit your business extremely well that you'd harvest tons of cash-paying customers every single day!

Plus You'll Receive Instant Access To Our Fast Action Bonuses

Bonus #1 – 7 Pre-designed VideoNova Banners $27 Value

Get ready to catch the attention of your visitors and get them to click that banner to your offers and pages by having your own Pre-designed VideoNova Banners. We're giving you 7 FREE banners that you can link to your videos as soon as you get instant access to VideoNova.

Bonus #2 – 5 VideoNova Graphic HTML Overlays $37 Value

You're going to take advantage of sweet and attetion grabbing graphic designs for your videos. Get 5 more graphic HTML overlays that you can easily edit without hiring a designer to do it for you. Get started to maximize and monetize your videos now by downloading VideoNova and apply amazing graphics over your videos without.

Bonus #3 – 3 VideoNova Call-to-Action Ads $17 Value

Save more and even get a whole lot more! If you get someone to create videos for you on Fiverr it will cost you $5 per video and you still need to find someone to edit the video for you. However, we did everything for you, to get you started right away if you grab your copy of VideoNova. You don't need to create video engagers anymore because we're giving it to you FOR FREE! Engage to your site visitors and viewers by pumping video "Call-to-Action" ads in your VideoNova players without paying extra!

Bonus #4 – 3 Paramount Profits Labs Weekly Insights Episodes ($17 Value)

We are always experimenting and testing do get our profits sky rocketing and a lot of those videos are well documented that you will be able to grab a lot of insights for your online and offline business. Imagine picking into the brains of our team and find out what they are thinking of to optimize your websites, products, sales pages and more!

Maximize Your Business By Using VideoNova's Game-Changing Features

This could be your ONLY chance to get instant access to this gold mine and its amazing functionality during this 3 Day Super-Sale! Offer will be gone when timer goes off


  • Facebook Like to Play
  • Facebook Share to Play
  • Timed Ad Display
  • Mobile Responsive and Compatible
  • Lead Force Grabbing
  • Lead and Customer Engaging Survey Forms
  • Video Ads Overlay
  • Opt-in Form Forms Overlay
  • HTML Ads Overlay
  • Banner Ads Overlay
  • Video Call to Actions
  • Video Script Generator
  • Scripts Can Be Deployed to HTML Websites
  • Scripts Can Be Deployed to Other CMSes (Drupal, Joomla, ETC)
  • Top Priority Customer Support

3 Site License Only

VideoNova - Basic License

Save 30% And Get More Than 300% of the Amazing Features

  • Facebook Like to Play
  • Facebook Share to Play
  • Timed Ad Display
  • Mobile Responsive and Compatible
  • Lead Force Grabbing
  • Lead and Customer Engaging Survey Forms
  • Video Ads Overlay
  • Opt-in Form Forms Overlay
  • HTML Ads Overlay
  • Banner Ads Overlay
  • Video Call to Actions
  • Video Script Generator
  • Scripts Can Be Deployed to HTML Websites
  • Scripts Can Be Deployed to Other CMSes (Drupal, Joomla, ETC)
  • Top Priority Customer Support

Unlimited Sites License

VideoNova - Unlimited License

100% Iron Clad Quad Guarantee

Guarantee #1: Dedicated Upgrades and Improvements

We are using this product to increase our profits so we are going to constantly upgrade it to what we think it needs to have. We’d love to hear your thoughts on more features too!

Guarantee #2: Heroic Customer Support

Nobody will leave you hanging if you have us around, our lovely and energetic customer support is always there to help you out with any questions and concerns that you might have.

Guarantee #3: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for some reason you don’t love VideoNova, even if you don’t like our choice of colors, simply send us an email within 30 days and you will surely receive an immediate refund.

Guarantee #4: Extra Rewards & Bonuses

There’s a pot of gold that lies beyond our ever loyal customers and being with us for a very long time will ensure awesome and cool bonuses that will not only give you design impact but also increase your results in your online and offline business ventures.

Here's What Top Marketers Say About VideoNova

"I was fortunate to run a review copy of videonova through it's paces and I have to say I'm impressed. Video plays a big part in my business and is a reliable source of free traffic. The plugin allows you to add calls to action in using html overlays, banners and polls which can be set to appear during the video. The interface is intuitive, I didn't need to read the manual or watch a video and I had my first video up in a few minutes. The output of the plugin looks great and just think you can add your own overlays to any you could piggyback on someone elses success. Imagine your overlays on Oprah videos...with compelling calls to action that make people click...In my book this is a winner!

Rob Maggs

"I saw this plugin in action and was really impressed. This can really boost the sign-up and conversions from your video blog. In fact, I am going to recommend it to my users who have created automated video blogs with Video Jeet. It's a perfect fit!"

Cyril Gupta

Choose Your Payment Plan below

Order Now & Get
  • VideoNova Wordpress Plugin 3 Sites ONLY
  • Bonus #1 – 10 Pre-designed VideoNova Banners
  • Bonus #2 – 5 VideoNova Graphic HTML Overlays
  • Bonus #3– 3 VideoNova Call-to-Action Ads
  • Bonus #4– 3 Paramount Profits Labs Weekly Insights Episodes
  • Bonus #5– VideoNova Live Training Call

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VideoNova - Basic License
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  • VideoNova Wordpress Plugin - UNLIMITED SITES
  • Bonus #1 – 10 Pre-designed VideoNova Banners
  • Bonus #2 – 5 VideoNova Graphic HTML Overlays
  • Bonus #3– 3 VideoNova Call-to-Action Ads
  • Bonus #4– 3 Paramount Profits Labs Weekly Insights Episodes
  • Bonus #5– VideoNova Live Training Call

VideoNova Unlimited

VideoNova - Unlimited License

Remember you have a full 30 days money back guarantee!

Monika was kind enough to give me a copy of Video Nova to review, i must say i am so happy she did. This is just what we need... A Real nice plugin that is clean and feature rich!
Not only can you embed your videos in WordPress sites they also generate the script for you to use them in html which means you can use them in most sites you have / make.
You can use it for surveys, overlay banners... it’s neat! It's also very modern as it’s based on bootstrap and we know twitter use that!
Keep up the great work guys and girls!! you are doing an amazing job of some real nice plugin here! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to try it out, i will be using it on my sites from now on.
Best Of Luck

Jane Williams aka blissuk

Wow, VideoNova Player is the only plugin you really need for your affiliate business. I just played with it for a few minutes and my head is exploding with ideas how to profit with it. Brilliant must have plugin!

Igor Burban

3 more reasons you’ll love VideoNova even More!

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